Gone freelancing

At the end of March I moved on from my role as Head of Service Design at dxw after three years working there. I had an excellent time at dxw, and will sorely miss everyone I worked with. You can read more about why I decided to move on in the dxw blog.

After a break of a few weeks I’ll be starting a part-time contract at the amazing Thames Valley Housing. We’re still finalising the details, but once everything is worked out I’ll explain more about what I’ll be doing there.

The rest of my week is currently up for grabs. I’ll be spending some of that time running workshops for lovely people. In fact, I’ll be running one about guerrilla usability testing in Norwich this month.

If your organisation would like to learn more about guerrilla usability testing, or perhaps you’re stuck on solving a tricky design problem and you’d like a creative jump-start, then I can help.

Find me on twitter or via email – I’d love to talk to you.