Introduction to service design thinking

A one day workshop introducing the core concepts and tools of service design through practical application.


More and more organisations are turning to the holistic practices of service design to improve their service offering. Designing for both the service user (or customer) experience and the organisational processes that support and deliver that experience.

Service design can provide tools and approaches to:

  • Better understand the needs of your service users
  • Align user needs with operational practices
  • Improve organisational efficiency
  • Create more satisfied users
  • Create more effective and measurable service improvements
  • Diagnose issues in existing service experiences


This active full day workshop will be an introduction to service design, and common tools and approaches for applying the theory behind it. It introduces attendees to a variety of service design methodologies by designing a simple service from scratch, based on user research and insight. 

Workshop participants will learn:

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Early stage prototyping
  • Prototype testing and feedback
  • Developing a service blueprint
  • Designing service metrics

Attendees will leave the workshop with practical experience of tools and approaches that can be applied to new or existing services.

The service design workshop run by Lily was very insightful and enjoyable. It provided a fresh way of looking at how we engage with customers in developing and reviewing services.
— Participant, Aster Group
Excellent workshop, engaging and thought provoking instilling an organisational commitment to change the way we review and design services.
— Sarah Durrans, Aster Group