Service and product strategy foundations

An intensive 5 day workshop designed to help you define, refine, record and visualise your service or product vision.


This intensive workshop is designed for delivery teams, decision makers and key stakeholders of products or services that have evolved away from their original vision and strategy. 

This workshop will help you to define, refine, record and visualise:

  • The product or service vision and value proposition
  • The outline operating model of the service or product
  • The components and dependencies it relies upon
  • Partners, competitors or similar services and products
  • Users and their high level needs
  • Key product or service goals 


By recording and visualising what we know, we are able to make quicker and more informed decisions to improve our products and services. We are able to ensure that our team has a shared vision for delivery, and a clear understanding of user and organisational needs.

We are also able to identify potential risks to our product or service, such as gaps in our knowledge, or decisions based on assumptions rather than provable insights.


The output of this workshop will be a series of "living" documents and visualisations; intended to be reviewed, iterated and updated regularly to create a solid foundation for service or product development and strategy.

This workshop is currently in development, if you'd like to be the first to try it out; please get in touch for a discounted rate.